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WHY mindclip?

The story of how it all started... 

During a difficult period in my professional career, I was obsessed with negative thoughts caused by an unhealthy working environment. 

I felt that the behaviour of my superiors was unjustified and pressuring me to make decisions that were against my values and principles. Even though I decided to leave the company, I was struggling with negative thoughts taking over my daily life. 

Therefore, I began the day by placing a handful of paperclips in my right pocket. Every time a negative thought arose, I would take a paper clip and move it to my left pocket. Over time I realized that the number of paperclips in my left pocket decreased.

This micro-habit made me mindful of my thoughts and helped me regulate them. It was the beginning of my journey to increase personal satisfaction and collaboration in the working environment. Together we can make the world a better place one team at a time. And this is why we call our solution Mindclip.

Based on our experience, leading teams in large corporates as well as small start-ups, we believe that you need a dedicated and committed team to deliver superior performance and sometimes manage the impossible. 

Mindclip helps the team members to become aware of their personality based on an easy to carry out assessment. As a result, Mindclip optimizes corresponding micro-habits to playfully change behaviour where necessary for the benefit of the team.

Mindclip enables teams to grow together based on the joint progress of behavioural change with integrated feedback loops and offers an open space for genuine exchange. 

Mindclip provides companies with a simple tool to increase overall performance and to build a solid corporate culture.

Find out the underlying magic 

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