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Companies are like football teams. So why focus on the individual? Focus on the team.

​First step of your teams success is self-awareness.


Team. Individuals. Co-founders.

What are your coaching needs?



Fearless Feedback

Every team needs a goal. People who know each other work better. Do the Mindclip® workshop to improve communication by understanding what motivates others. Learn the reasons for conflicts and how to solve them. In the end agree on a common goal.  

Motivate your team to get back to office after remote work.

 Help a team after restructuring or add to an offsite as a way to improve wellbeing of the team.


Leadership Teams

Good teams make money!


Co-founders and leadership teams need to act as a team to succeed. It demands good communication skills, courage and openmindness to achieve success. Kickstart the teams journey to success with Mindclip® behaviour assessment followed by monthly coaching sessions with a seasoned coach and start operating as a winning team. 


It starts with you! 



Feeling stuck? Want to succeed in your next/ new role? Start your journey to success with a survey to see how the perception of others fit your own. The first step to success is becoming self-aware. This can be done  with the help of feedback from peers. Based on the Mindclip® assessment you choose what you want to improve in your behaviour and start your journey to a better you with twice a month coaching sessions.

A business woman climbing steps holding a flag with heart shape symbolizing empathy.

Understand your own and your Team's Behaviours

Comprehensive yet easy to do behaviour style survey to gather 360° feedback from the team.

How Mindclip® works

Two team mates standing at a desk and talking to each other.

Give and receive Feedback in a Safe Space

A safe space  to openly share feedback and build trust with the team, view your own development journey and see what your teammates are doing to improve themselves.

A woman looking at a list.

Create Micro-Habits based on the Team's Feedback

Users can set specific tasks to work on individual development areas and stay engaged with gamification features.

Are you ready to    #knowyourself?

Take your Behaviour Style Test and then let your Peers give their Perception Feedback on your Behaviour. 
Let's see how self aware you are!

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For individuals
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