Digital Safe Space to grow with and through your Team.

​Start your journey of holistic awareness towards behavioural change.

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What is Mindclip™?

A mobile-first tool that equips organisations with a safe space  helping individuals to increase their self awareness. It supports the development of micro-habits* that improve individual growth and change team dynamics for the better.

*Actions that require minimal effort to complete, but will build over time to a lasting behaviour change

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Understand your own and your Team's Behaviours

Comprehensive yet easy to do behaviour style survey to gather 360° feedback from the team.

How it works

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Give and receive Feedback in a Safe Space

A safe space  to openly share feedback and build trust with the team, view your own development journey and see what your teammates are doing to improve themselves.

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Create Micro-Habits based on the Team's Feedback

Users can set specific tasks to work on individual development areas and stay engaged with gamification features.

Are you ready to    #knowyourself?

Take your Behaviour Style Test and then let your Peers give their Perception Feedback on your Behaviour. 
Let's see how self aware you are!

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