Harness the power of micro-habits to improve your team's performance and wellbeing.

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What is Mindclip?

A mobile-first tool that equips organisations with a safe space where teams can give and receive feedback. It helps develop micro-habits* that improve individual growth and team performance

*actions that require minimal effort to complete, but will build over time to a lasting behaviour change

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Understand your own and your team's behaviours

Comprehensive yet easy to do Behaviour Style Survey to gather 360° feedback from the team.

How it works

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Give and receive feedback in a safe space

A safe space  to openly share feedback and build trust with the team, view your own development journey and see what your teammates are doing to improve themselves

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Create micro-habits based on the team's feedback

Users can set specific tasks to work on individual development areas and stay engaged with gamification features

For individuals

You can complete your own Mindclip Behavior Survey and and invite peers to do the Survey for you! Get one week free access now!

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For teams

Get the Mindclip app and start learning more about yourself and your team to work towards becoming a well functioning team. Free 7 day trial period.

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Want to see Mindclip in action?

We would love to show you what the Mindclip app does and how it can help you and your team. Book a session with us now!