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Helping Businesses Succeed

Virtual consulting and coaching for better
performing teams and individuals
Consulting and Executive Coaching based on behavioural psycology and individual goals
  • Are you willing to step into the ring and get sparred for success?

  • Are you curious to find out if your behaviour is holding you back? 

  • Are you a startup or an establised business needing help in refining your strategy, developing your B2B sales & marketing or getting ready to attract investors?

  • Do you want to improve diversity and effectiveness of an individual or whole team by executive coaching? 

  • Do you have a business that is in transition and needs hands on help?



Maria Pennanen is an executive coach and an international leader with vast experience in B2B sales & marketing from Europe and Asia. Maria’s passion is helping startups and corporates by focusing on longterm changes and to get the best out of people by changing behaviour.

Ram Shoham has 16 years of international experience in corporate finance and general management. Ram has helped startups and entrepreneurs secure investments and build their businesses internationally.

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