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Empower Your Communication, Understand Your Behaviour, Elevate Your Sales.

Transform your understanding of yourself and others, supercharge your communication skills, and amplify your sales success.


Team. Individuals. Companies.

What are your coaching needs?



Fearless Feedback

"Are you part of a team that's striving to achieve more? At Mindclip®, our workshops focus on understanding team dynamics, breaking down communication barriers, and fostering a harmonious work environment. Imagine a team where everyone understands each other's behaviors and communicates effectively - the boost in productivity and collaboration can be transformative!

Are you ready to elevate your team dynamics and achieve more together? Contact us today to schedule a group workshop to boost your team's performance."


Leadership Teams

Good teams make money!


"As a leader, the success of your team and your organization lies in your hands. At Mindclip®, our workshops help leadership teams better understand and manage team dynamics, inspire and lead more effectively, and communicate strategically to achieve business goals.

Are you ready to impact your organisation's bottom line, shape your company culture, and enhance your own leadership effectiveness? Reach out to us today to schedule a leadership team workshop that can redefine your leadership journey."


It starts with you! 



"Looking to enhance your understanding of your own behavior? Want to communicate more effectively and boost your sales success? Our 12-week individual coaching program at Mindclip® is designed with your personal growth in mind.


Unlock your potential and open doors to professional advancement and personal satisfaction. Get in touch with us today to begin your transformative journey with our personalized coaching program."

A business woman climbing steps holding a flag with heart shape symbolizing empathy.

Understand your own and your Team's Behaviours

Comprehensive yet easy to do behaviour style survey to gather 360° feedback from the team.

How Mindclip® works

Two team mates standing at a desk and talking to each other.

Give and receive Feedback in a Safe Space

A safe space  to openly share feedback and build trust with the team, view your own development journey and see what your teammates are doing to improve themselves.

A woman looking at a list.

Create Micro-Habits based on the Team's Feedback

Users can set specific tasks to work on individual development areas and stay engaged with gamification features.

Are you ready to    #knowyourself?

Take your Behaviour Style Test and then let People who know You  give their Perception Feedback on your Behaviour. 
Let's see how Self Aware You are!

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For individuals
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