Discover your Behaviour style.

And understand the best way to leverage your behaviour for success.


When you lack self-awareness, you fail to identify what you’re feeling and how it manifests itself in your daily actions.

Research has shown that 95% of people think they’re self-aware. In reality, only 10-15% of us really are.

You are unable to recognise patterns in your actions and thoughts.

You tend to experience more negative emotions.

You don’t know how to better align your choices with what you want.

why you act
the way you do.

And unleash your self-growth and team performance.

Micro Habit Journey


Receive ongoing Feedback on your progress by your peers.

Individualise your personal behaviour development based on analytic data.

Holistic Awareness


Find out more about the
perception of others.

Self- & Interpersonal Reflection Survey



Micro-Habit Tracker

Peer Feedback




How Self-Aware Are You?

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