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Leverage from the EU!

Our company Mindclip Behaviour Oy has received ELY enterprise development support during 2021. The support has enabled us to develop the PRO product of the mindclip™ app. Mindclip PRO aims to promote mental wellbeing in organisations through anonymous stress measurement as part of the mindclip™ mobile app. Our aim is to help individuals and team members feel better in the workplace and to help people change their behaviour through micro-habits, team feedback and machine learning. Our users in Finland and Germany are happy with the product and feel it helps them manage stress and change their behaviour.

Mindclip PRO is being developed with the aim of promoting the mental well-being of organisations by means of an anonymous stress measurement that is an integral part of the mindclip application.

Our company believes in diversity and improving people's mental well-being.

"We all have issues."

- Mindclip™ helps solve them.

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