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Reach your Business milestones connecting with your team mates through 360° Feedback, behavioural change, self awareness and micro-habits. 

Our workshops & sessions help cofounders navigate the many aspects of their relationships. They may do this by defining a co-founder role within the company, helping figure out what kind (or types) each person needs for success along with managing expectations both high (when things go well) but also low(-ish) so nothing gets too out control!

We will focus on:

Behaviour Styles

There are four main style types: Boss, Super Star, Analytical and Collaborative. Each has its own unique way of dealing with life's ups and downs, and knowing yours can help you leverage these characteristics for success!

Fearless Feedback

A safe space  to openly share feedback and build trust with the team, view your own development journey and see what your teammates are doing to improve themselves.

360° Feedback

The Team needs to know how they are being perceived by their colleagues. The behavioral style survey will give you 360° feedback on how people think and feel about their team mates in order better cater towards improvement striving towards shared goals!

Micro habits

Will give you the right guidance and direction on how best manage and succeed with your goals. Your coach will be there all throughout, providing accountability so that together we can achieve great things!

Peer Perception 

You'll discover how people see you and what they think about your qualities. Recognising this, you'll be able to more effectively work with your co-funders  by seeing how they manifest in your daily interactions


Self-reflection is a must if you want to build psychological performance. Together with your coach you'll dig deep into your feelings, thoughts Values and needs and use these tools in order get closer to your goals!

Leading People

Leading People is a challenging, yet crucial task for any company.

The best leaders will not only lead with their skills as an employee, but also use their human qualities such as compassion and empathy when motivating others towards success.


It's for anyone who wants to be able reach their goals, from being equipped with the skills needed for any situation- whether it be in work or personal life.

Team Workshop

It's ideal for small leadership teams who want their leaders to be equipped with the skills needed to be able accomplish any goal.

Co-founders Team

A great and affordable solution to help teams provide continual, stand-alone support for their co-funders.

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