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Your Journey to Holistic Awareness.

Discover your individual behaviour style and understand the best way to leverage it for your success.

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Mindcilp app

A lack of self-awareness disables you to recognise your thoughts and feelings and how they manifests in your daily actions.

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Research has shown that 95% of people think they’re self-aware
In reality,
only 10-15% of us really are.

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why you act
the way you do.

There is more to Mindclip than the insights on your 360°  Behaviour Style...

Micro Habit Journey

Based on your analytic results we offer you diverse tasks to take control of your personal development.

Self-Reflection Journal

The Mindclip app enables and reminds you to keep track of your individual progress. 


Ongoing  Anonymous Feedback

Your teammates can see your current task and give you feedback on your development.

Team Overview

You are not alone on this journey. The Team Board shows the progress of everyone.


How Mindclip® works

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Peer Perception

Perspectives always differ. In the next step you can find out how others perceive your behaviour. 




The first step is to reflect on your behaviour. The question is: How do you see yourself?


Together with a team you can then start the real journey. Knowledge is the beginning, but your actions will bring the change.

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Are you ready to 

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To build a mindful community.

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